About Terra Drive Systems

At TDS, We’re Driven to Move You Forward

Headquartered in Brookston, Indiana, Terra Drive Systems, Inc. (TDS) is a global manufacturing company and leading developer of steerable hydraulic drive systems for agricultural equipment, medium-to-heavy-duty trucks and more. Throughout our history, we have maintained industry-leading design and engineering capabilities, resulting in the consistent development of highly-functional, superior-quality products. Day in and day out, we work tirelessly to maintain our reputation as keen innovators who routinely present our customers with game-changing solutions. Our brands include:

Mud Hog

Mud Hog hydraulic rear-wheel drive systems provide self-propelled, front-wheel drive farming equipment with four-wheel drive technology.

X-Track – Powered Rear Tracks for Combines

Mud Hog adapted the Camso conversion track system, a 100% bolt-on solution, to the Mud Hog hydraulic rear drive axles for combines. This new technology is the first of its kind and provides farmers with the ability to have powered rear tracks on their combines for improved harvesting performance.

EZ Trac

EZ Trac hydraulic front-wheel drive systems equip rear-wheel drive medium-to-heavy-duty trucks with all-wheel drive capability.

Quality Policy Statement

TDS is dedicated to delivering world-class quality products, support and service through impeccable processes, our employees’ expertise, and a commitment to our customers’ success. Our goal is the recognition of TDS as THE quality standard for its customers, suppliers, and employees by building quality and continuous improvement into every step, product, and action.